Wonderful article on our very own Jana Humleker. We are lucky to have such talented and devoted folks working with us who care about the same things we do. Congratulations on the feature, Jana! http://www.blueridgenow.com/article/20140629/ARTICLES/140629865/0/search?p=1&tc=pg&tc=ar

Article Excerpt: [Regarding working at Hubba Hubba] “I absolutely love it. It’s very much suited to me because we get to visit with people all day long, and I can tap into my love of wonderful food and party planning. I love to cook and entertain,” she says. “It’s a family over there.”

Humleker appreciates that Hubba Hubba owner Starr Teel and Catering Manager Kristin Huntley share a similar focus on community involvement.

Jana Humleker stands outside Hubba Hubba Smokehouse.