Ben RudesLast week was a fun week for us. We unexpectedly gained a new (temporary) staff member when Ben Rudes and his family visited Hubba Hubba.  Ben and Starr struck up a conversation about Ben’s travels-where he was from, what brought him here and ended with Ben asking if perhaps Starr needed a little help in the kitchen for the next week as Ben wanted to learn more about bbq. Never one to turn down the opportunity to teach someone his craft, Starr agreed and the rest is history.

Ben Rudes pulled porkFlat Rock is a long way from where Ben typically spends his days – 9,000+ miles as a matter of fact. Ben was visiting us on holiday from Queensland, Australia with his wife and children.  Along the way, he and his wife stopped in Guatemala to hike a 10,000 foot high volcano – how’s that for adventure?  During his week with us, Ben learned about our woodfired custom smoker, how to pull pork to get just the right mix of tender meat and crispy bark, how to smoke fish for our fish tacos and other secrets for creating great bbq.  Lookout, Australia, Ben’s coming home with new skills!

We got to meet a large part of Ben’s family too as they joined us daily for lunch to watch Ben work. You might wonder how Ben and his family ended up in Flat Rock from Australia and we did too. Ben grew up on the Miami area and, like many kids, first visited Flat Rock as a boy when he attended Blue Star Camps. Ben’s parents have now settled here so we hope to see Ben and family when they make a return visit.  Thanks for coming in, Ben. Come back soon!

Ben Rudes familyBen Rudes Family