The Hubba Hubba Experience

Starr Teel loads the smoker. Photo Credit: Sam Dean Photography


Read Starr's Philosophy on the Sacred Art of Barbecue Hubba Hubba is an authentic wood-fired smokehouse. We honor the Carolina craft and tradition of Low & Slow BBQ meaning we are as far from fast food as you can get!

The ribs you pick up at the window, like all our meats, have been slow smoked for hours over a special selection of native hardwoods (red and white oak and hickory). All our meats are hand-pulled and selected to provide you with just the right mix of tender juiciness surrounded by seasoned bark crispness so that every bite is savory.

Our sauces and sides are scratch-made right here and, when possible, we use locally sourced produce in our recipes. We strive to provide the best product we can and think you’ll taste the difference.


“BBQ is one of the great classic slow foods.   Before we serve our barbeque, we have 15 – 16 hours of smoke time invested in it.  We enjoy serving what we have spent time preparing.  We believe people who seek out a traditional smokehouse, understand and appreciate what goes into getting wood-fired barbeque from the smoker to the table.

We care deeply about your whole experience with us so sit down, relax and enjoy the fruits of our efforts and let us make your visit as memorable as the menu.”

Starr Teel