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Get your hands around this pork sandwich at Hubba Hubba Smokehouse After being smoked for hours in our custom wood-fired pit, these competition ribs are readyBulk Sizing

We are passionate about our wood-fired BBQ and it shows.
Your guests will love our scratch-made sauces and savory sides.

Order BBQ Menu Items in Bulk

We no longer offer full-service catering but you may order bbq, sides, and sauces in bulk in advance for pickup.  Please contact our business office Monday – Friday at (828)702-1301 and leave a message (or the Smokehouse on Saturdays at (828)694-3551).  We need two days advance notice if you are ordering for 30 or more people.

If you have a large group (20 0r more)  and want to reserve a spot on-site, call (828)702-1301 in advance to arrange that.

Bulk BBQ:

$11.95 per pound
$13.95 per pound
$14.95 per pound
$16.95 per pound


Links for sides will take you to pages showing details of these sides. Please ignore prices shown on those pages as those prices refer to our single-serving price for these sides. Bulk prices are listed in this table below.

GF=Gluten Free   Veg=Vegetarian Friendly

$5.50 per pint
$11.00 per quart
$44.00 per gallon

Hubba Hubba Smokehouse Sauces


    • Carolina Sweet
    • Mustard
    • Vinegar
    • Hot Chipotle
    • Cherry Chipotle
    • Tomatillo
  • 5.50 oz of Sauce
$1.25 per
  • Pint of Sauce
$3.25 per pint
  • Quart of Sauce
$6.50 per quart


$1.00 each
$1.00 each
  • Cornmeal Dusted Sandwich Bun
$1.00 each
$1.50 each
  • Sweet or Unsweet Tea